2010-2011 TV Season Wrap Up

So the regular TV season has wound down.  Most of my favorites have already wrapped up.  These include, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Castle.  You would think that would free me to catch up on some of my reading.  Not a chance!  I still have the last half dozen episodes of Glee to catch up on.  With so many excellent cable series, that do not respect the traditional Fall to Spring cycle, there is enough good TV to last the whole year.   I am currently looking forward to the final few episodes of Being Human (Season 3 – UK series), Game of Thrones (Season 1), and The Killing (Season 1).  Then there is True Blood (Season 4) which aired last evening, Breaking Bad starting in July.  That is plenty for the summer.  Before you know it, the fall season is here, and I am barely ready for the onslaught of new and returning shows.  When I look back on the list of TV shows that I watch (truth be told, I record and watch the shows later at my convenience), it kind of frightens me.  Where do I find the time to keep up with the following shows?  That is a topic for another blog post.

Vampire Diaries
Walking Dead
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
The Killing
Being Human (both UK and US series)
True Blood
Game of Thrones
Masterpiece Theatre’s Downton Abbey

Well, thankfully, most of these shows have short seasons (15 episodes or less), which partly accounts for why they are so good.  I find that most network shows have a hard time sustaining good writing over the traditional 22+ episode season.  The “filler” episodes are tiresome.

Kudos to Vampire Diaries for proving my previous statement WRONG!  It has great mythology, more than one plot twist per episode and solid characterization.  Every episode leaves me wondering (and that is saying a lot) what will happen next.  I have watched characters grow (and die) over 2 seasons.  The men are hot and broody and the women are sexy and strong.  There are no damsels in distress in this show.  There is plenty of excellent story-telling all around.  It has filled the void that Buffy left 8 years ago.  OMG, Buffy ended 8 years ago, I feel so old!

Speaking of voids to be filled, Supernatural  fills the one left by The X-files – 9 years ago.  It shares many of the same producers (RIP Kim Manners) and they have learned from their mistakes.  Supernatural’s strength lies in its relationship between the lead characters, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.  There is great humor in their sibling rivalry.  The freak of the week episodes are my favorite and the mythology is pretty easy to muddle through.  Add the classic rock sound track to the mix (music I would rarely gravitate towards, but here it is almost a supporting character) you can’t go wrong.

So if you enjoyed Buffy and X-files, and appreciate a bit of humour mixed in with your supernatural drama, I encourage you to check these 2 shows out.

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