Summer, a Time to Burn

Summer is a time where even I slow down my TV consumption. However, if there is a show that marks the beginning of summer for me, it would be “Burn Notice”. It airs on the USA network, but in Canada the 5th season airs on a premium channel that even I have to put my foot down and say “NO” to subscribing. So every June, I look forward to the release of another season on DVD, so I can follow the adventures of Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan).

The premise is nothing new but well executed. Michael Westen used to be a spy, and then he got burned / blacklisted, leaving him, with no cash, no credit, no job history. He is trying to find out who burned him and why (season arc) while he ekes out a living using his skills to help those in need (episode of the week), for a fee, if possible. Luckily, he has the support of Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), his on again/off again girl friend and his buddy Sam Axe (the incomparable Bruce Campbell). He can count on his Mom (Sharon Gless) to lend a hand too. Such a great cast is delightfully matched with fun dialogue and twisty plots. It is an action filled dramedy. The Miami locale lends a watermark to the show. The resourcefulness of the characters is very MacGyver, which adds to the fun. Burn Notice is probably best enjoyed by those of us who are not very good at chemistry or physics because I am sure that extreme effort at suspension of disbelief is required by those in the know. The episodes are enjoyable enough on their own even if you missed a few here and there. The season arc is a minor subplot for most episodes. There is great chemistry within the cast. I really enjoy the strong female characters. The dysfunction of Michael’s family makes it very close to my heart.

I bought this show as a blind buy based on a few reviews on EW and CBC radio. I was also going through a Bruce Campbell phase, having recently discovered Bruce Campbell’s masterpiece film “Bubba Ho-Tep”. “Burn Notice” sounded like something I would enjoy and I wasn’t wrong. Each episode’s mystery/adventure is good, smart, fun TV. The season-long arc is not too complicated, and the pace is perfect for watching while doing a fast walk on the treadmill.

I have leant my DVD’s to many friends and have got most of them hooked on “Burn Notice”. Those that I didn’t lend them out to, were eager to tell me that they just discovered a great new show last fall. Showcase started airing Seasons 1 and 2 as part of their 2nd run schedule. I tried not to chuckle when I said I was happy to lend them the first 4 seasons on DVD if they were interested.

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