Misfits, the Most Fun on TV in a While

My friends Karen and Steve have been raving about a British TV series called Misfits. Since season 1 was available on Netflix, my husband and I thought we would give it a whirl.  OMG, what addictive fun it is. It was so much fun that I promptly ordered all 3 seasons on DVD from the UK. They are only available on Blu-Ray on this side of the pond. Even including shipping costs, I could get all 3 PAL R2 DVD’s from the UK cheaper than buying a single season on Blu-Ray locally. And since each season is 6 to 8 episodes in length (all killer no filler), DVD is the way to go. Let’s hear it for multi-regional DVD players!

Misfits is a comedic drama about 5 delinquent young adults who are doing community service. That is about all they have in common until a freaky storm leaves them with bizarre powers. The fact that it takes my favorite character the entire season to figure out what his power is makes up part of the fun. Needless to say, navigating life with these new-found powers gets them into serious hot water. Watching them put aside their differences and work together to get out of one scrape after another is a riot. This show is like a UK version of “Heroes” if “Heroes” had been funny and hadn’t taken itself too seriously.

Our infamous 5 includes Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Simon (Iwan Rheon), Alisha (Antonia Thomas), and Kelly (Lauren Socha). Nathan (my favorite) is a foul-mouthed, smart-aleck petty thief who gets the most laughs. Curtis is a disgraced star-athlete who made a mistake and got caught holding the dope bag. Simon is a socially awkward introverted arsonist. Alisha is a narcissistic pretty girl with a DUI. Kelly is a violent girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

The dialogue is brilliantly funny and highly crude (for mature audiences only). The stories are unpredictable. The themes are dark, with death and mayhem in addition to silliness. This makes the first 2 seasons the greatest fun on TV that my husband and I have watched in a long while. It didn’t take long for my neighbors to get hooked as well. My opinion on Season 3 is yet to be determined, as I am approaching it with trepidation. My favorite character, Nathan (who makes me laugh the most) has been written out and I have only watched the first 2 episodes. With low expectations, I confessed that I am pleasantly surprised, so far. The budget is low, with minimal special effects and this simply reinforces the importance of great writing. I gave up on Terra Nova, a big budget US TV program that couldn’t support its cost, despite over 10 million viewers because of weak writing. The story comes first and I like surprises. My only complaint is some of the accents are so thick, it takes a couple of rewinds to catch what is said.

Believe me when I say that there is not a word that should be missed.

Some of my favorite quotes are below.

Kelly: What if there’s loads of people like us all over town?
Nathan: No, that kind of thing only happens in America. This will fade away. I’m telling you, by this time next week, it’ll be back to the same old boring sh*t.

Nathan: I mean, I was there, right? I should have one of these bullsh*t powers.
Kelly: You can have mine. Wanna hear what people are thinking about you?
Nathan: Not so much, no. I want something good, you know, something from the A-list.

Probation worker Ben: Ok, so, if you’ve got any questions, just ask.
Nathan: If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?
Ben: If you’ve got any relevant questions, just ask. oh, and if it’s on dry land, I’d bet on the bear.

(While trying to engineer a desperate getaway)Nathan: Come on. Look, we’re a bunch of young offenders and not one of us knows how to steal a car? That is pathetic.

Nathan: Why am I holding this baby? I’m not being sexist but one of you girls has to take this off me before I drop it on its head.

Nathan’s dad: We’re not so different, you know”
Nathan: We’re completely different. I’m gracefully tall , you’re freakishly short.
*when his dad leaves*
Nathan: that’s right dad walk away with your tiny legs, you f***ing midget!”

*talking to his newly discovered half-brother about his 8th birthday with Dad*
Nathan: He’s supposed to take me out for the day, so he takes me to IKEA. He buys so much flat-pack furniture there’s no room for me in the car, so he leaves me there for 3 hours. Then some guy with a beard sees me hanging around and buys me lunch. I spent my 8th birthday eating Swedish meatballs with a known pedophile.
Jamie: did he…
Nathan: no no. Dad got back when we were finishing our ice cream, but that sick pervert cared more about me than Dad ever did. He would’ve taken me to the zoo.

Thanks again, Karen and Steve for recommending this gem! You know me well.


Since this initial post, I have finished watching season 3. I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite Nathan having been written out. Although I did not warm up to the replacement character, Rudy, as much as I hoped I would, the other characters were developed enough to keep me coming back for more. Unfortunately, neither Simon, Alicia nor Kelly will be returning for season 4 😦 I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, Season 3 concluded in a satisfactory way and I can quit watching, but I probably won’t. If the next season offers a pleasant surprise, then Yay! If it sucks, then OK, one more show to strike off my ridiculously long list of must-see TV!

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  1. 8teen39
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 16:26:36

    Love that last excerpt. I’ll have to see if this is available here in the US>


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