2011 – 2012 TV Season Wrap Up – part 1

Well the Fall TV Season wrapped up most shows back in May, and boy did it keep me busy.

The list was long, with several new shows. Thankfully, most of these new shows won’t be returning. The not so dearly departed are Ringer, Terra Nova, and Alcatraz. There were other shows that failed to sustain me beyond the first season, such as American Horror Story and Hell on Wheels.

I have blogged about many of these shows, but thought I would do a capsule summary. This turned out to be a really long post, so here it is in multiple parts. This includes just the shows that I watched during their broadcast run in Canada. It does not include the shows I watch on DVD (Misfits, Friday Night Lights, Burn Notice, Justified to name a few).

 Castle: Consistently excellent as always. A perfect blend of comedy, drama and who-dun-it. Much fun with zombies and other imaginative mysteries and the romance between Castle and Beckett reached another level. Completely satisfying. Plus they had Adam Baldwin guest star (he was in Firefly with Nathan Fillion). Awesome 5th season, and back in the fall for another.

Ringer: Not as good as I hoped, but pulled it out of the fire for the last episodes of the season. It is no more. I am not exactly heart-broken, but I probably would have continued watching. (The things I do for Buffy-fandom).

Revenge : I caught up on this over Christmas thanks to my friend Derek’s persuasion. Dramatic, soapy, back-stabbing fun with twists and conspiracies galore. The characters are colorful and are developed better than many on TV. I hope it can sustain the intrigue without becoming a ridiculous wild goose chase. I even got my husband and a couple other friends hooked on it. Yay!

 Terra Nova: I really, really tried to care about this one, for the sake of my husband’s interest in the show. I would have ignored it completely if it hadn’t been for him. By the end we both stopped caring; we recorded but never watched the last 3 episodes. The story, characters and special effects were uninspired.

  Alcatraz: Formulaic, not that interesting, not renewed, I couldn’t get past the 6th episode. Sorry J.J. (Abrams). I liked all the actors and their performances. Although any scene requiring Jorge Garcia to walk (or horror, RUN) any distance made me wince reflexively at his painful gait.  Within the confines of really poorly developed characters, the actors delivered. It seemed that Abrams’ previously successful series “Alias” and “Lost” hit the ground running (I loved them both). They had more excitement and interesting characters and kept me riveted. Not here though, and I must say that I really could not get into his other series “Fringe”. Perhaps, I expected something else from a man who delivered the first Star Trek movie that I would watch more than once.

  Being Erica: This one was a pleasant surprise from a lackluster previous season. It found its way back to the reasons I liked the show in the first place, the examination of Erica as a character navigating life’s challenges using a tool we would all love to have at our disposal – TIME TRAVEL. Erica managed to grow as a character and resolve some of her relationship issues. It had completed its 4 series run on a high note, as the shake-up at the CBC dashed any hope of it returning for a 5th season. It ended well as a fan could hope for. Adieu. I think a US version is still in the works. Hmmm, I might check it out if it ever comes to air.

 Vampire Diaries: This season was another strong epic tale of love, betrayal, family ties, with many plot twists along the way. There were funny quips, sibling rivalries, blood feuds, ghosts, typical stuff in the town of Mystic Falls. This show consistently created interesting mythology, intricate but not too difficult to follow. The stakes (pardon the pun) are high, don’t get too attached to anyone. It continued to fill the hole in my heart that Buffy the Vampire Slayer left. I was the 1st to admit that the love triangle stuff got boring and repetitive; thankfully, there was more to this show than all that. Great and gorgeous ensemble cast with attention to character development and good dialogue.

 Supernatural: Fun yet frightening. Watching these two hunky brothers (but seriously Sam, what is up with your hair, and those side burns?) hunt down demons and snipe at each other is like hanging out with those crazy friends from high school. The ones that took you beyond your comfort zone with their antics, yet you could not help love them for it. The season’s mythology was never as ludicrous as that of the X-files, so I could ignore it for the most part. I always preferred the freak of the week episodes anyway. This show did not disappoint and I was glad to learn that it will be back for an 8th season. It will have a new show runner.  My fingers will be cross hoping Sam and Dean Winchester can still fill the shoes that Mulder and Scully left behind.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John McCullagh (@jpmccullagh)
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 22:20:26

    Other than Castle, I can’t think of any American shows I regularly watch. (Big Bang Theory on dvd–does that count?). But I get unnaturally excited for new episodes of BBC fare like Sherlock, Wallander, Torchwood & Doctor Who, not to mention Graham Norton. And I love some Canadian stuff like Being Erica & Republic of Doyle. Interestingly–these are all short run (3-12 episodes) seasons by design.


    • dvdiva
      Jul 06, 2012 @ 00:02:02

      Ok, you can count BBT 😉 I have tried to get into that show because EVERY SINGLE friend and family member I have seems to like it. Even my husband and preteen daughters. I really find the laugh track egregious. It catapults me out of the narrative because it seems to punctuate not so funny lines. I gave up, comedy is very personal. I prefer Arrested Development and Scrubs (no laugh track). My husband and daughters watch Dr. Who together. I will join them occassionaly. I do enjoy the new Sherlock on DVD and my husband is enjoying Torchwood on DVD.

      Most of the stuff I watch is on premium cable. it doesn’t leave much room for home grown stuff. What I have caught of Republic of Doyle, I did enjoy.

      I think shorter series allow for better narrative flow and less filler.


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