The Heat: Buddy Cop Movie for Mothers and Daughters


I saw this film in the theatre yesterday with my 2 preteen daughters (it was rated 14A). As luck would have it, Pacific Rim was playing next door at the same time and my husband really wanted to see that blockbuster. The girls were ambivalent about watching more urban destruction after witnessing so much of it in Iron man 3, Star trek 2 and Man of Steel, so we decided on The Heat based on the trailers and the endorsement of the NPR crew on the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. The theatre was sparsely populated and we had great seats. What a terrific choice this film was.

The Heat is a buddy cop movie starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. It is directed by Paul Feig, whose previous hit film was Bridesmaids (which I loved). Bullock is special agent Ashburn of the FBI. She is an uptight, by the book, yet highly effective agent who is loathed by her peers. She is sent to Boston on a case and is forced to team up with profane and slovenly detective Mullins (McCarthy) of the BPD. The exact plot is neither important nor original. Suffice it to say that they are after the same bad guy. Their methods are as different as night and day and their relationship starts off on the wrong foot. Quelle surprise, they manage to bond over their common goal and their extremely abrasive personalities.

Despite the shortcomings of the plot, I found myself enjoying the film tremendously. I found it very funny, as did my daughters and the person sitting in front of me. Sharing this laughter elevated a somewhat predictable plot. We found the dialogue funny and there were innumerable visual gags. To quote them out of context would fail to do them justice. The acting was great. Bullock and McCarthy had great chemistry. It was refreshing to see women in film take charge of traditionally masculine turf. My biggest criticism is that the supporting cast was under-utilized.

As a word of caution, this film does have scenes of violence (people getting shot and stabbed, run down with cars, several explosions) and the F-bomb serves as punctuation for McCarthy’s character. It is nothing that my daughters and I haven’t seen or heard before. We really enjoyed The Heat and shared one of our most fun theatre experiences.

I tend to watch comedies at home and go to the theatre for blockbusters that benefit from the large screen. However, this recent outing reminded me of how awesome it is to watch a comedy in a theatre when sharing laughter. We can’t wait to watch it again on DVD with the girls’ Dad. He enjoyed Pacific Rim but commented that he was glad we opted out. He knew we made the right choice for us. We are looking forward to the sequel, which is apparently in the works.


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  1. Tara
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 21:07:04

    We enjoyed it as well. George and I saw it with my Dad!


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