A Few Lines on a Few Films

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

634692837157812500-ifjrILSainP This film still holds up after all these years. I think this is one of the best romantic comedy of the last 30 years. I watched it with my daughters and they were delighted by the humour and the characters. It deals with the evolution of a relationship between 2 people who keep running into each other over the course of several years. At first, they don’t get along and then slowly a beautiful friendship and possibly more develops. I can watch it again in a heartbeat, it is so funny, sweet and still rings true. And that diner scene, “I’ll have what she’s having.” is priceless.


RoboCop (1987)

Robocop-Still1CR I hadn’t watch this in decades, when I noticed it was available through our cable company’s On Demand service. So I watched it with my husband and eldest daughter; boy was I surprised at how much we all enjoyed it. Set in a future dystopian Detroit, fallen cop Murphy (Peter Weller) is resurrected as the titular cyborg. Yes, it is violent but also startlingly prescient. It weaves the essence of one man’s humanity through a crime story that layers on elements of corporate greed and vengeance. The stop-motion animation sequences are dated but brief. Otherwise, it was great film to revisit and introduce to my daughter. It is being remade, set for a 2014 release. One can only hope it is as good as the original.


Warm Bodies 2013

WARM-BODIES-One-Sheet What a pleasant surprise this film was. Our whole family enjoyed this romantic comedy horror mash-up retelling of Romeo and Juliet. It is boy meets girl, or rather zombie boy meets soldier girl. This film takes us inside the head of R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie who can’t remember his previous existence. We experience the struggle within him as he meets and falls for Julie (Teresa Palmer). Before long she realizes that R isn’t simply a soulless monster that she was trained to annihilate. Now if she can only convince her dad (John Malkovich), the leader of the human survivors that zombies aren’t all bad…..


True Lies 1994

True_Lies_lobby_card_Arnold_Schwarzenegger_Jamie_Lee_Curtis_James_Cameron_1994_TV_remake This film remains the standard to which all action shoot-em ups will be compared to. This film succeeds despite Arnold Shwarzenegger in the lead role because he is flanked by a fun script, a hilarious supporting cast (Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Bill Paxton) and a Charlton Heston cameo.

I had forgotten how much physical comedy peppers a script that is chock a block with funny one-liners and innovative chases and combative sequences (automatic weapon falling down the stairs comes to mind). Yes, it is completely violent and unrealistic and it knows it, with many winks to the audience. Considering my youngest daughter and I have a serious allergy to mindless action and endless chase scenes, we consider this to be a highly entertaining film that stands the test of time.


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  1. Paul S
    Mar 13, 2017 @ 20:41:34

    I saw True Lies in the cinema back in 94; happy days when every new Arnie film was a big event!


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