You’re Next: Scary Movies for Mothers and Daughters



I have created monsters. OK, not really, but my daughters really like scary movies and it is genre I tolerate (I blame my husband for this). So last night we sat down to watch a movie (Cable On Demand) as a family and I let the girls decide between funny or scary. Scary won.

You’re Next is a horror film, specifically a slasher film, which is one of my least favourite sub-genres of horror. My least favourite being splatter films/torture porn. Those that know me well appreciate the irony of these sentiments. Despite this caveat, I had seen the trailer and was intrigued. I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed this film.



The story takes place in a remote country house where a couple is celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in the company of their adult children (including significant others). Masked assailants armed with crossbows, machetes and axes, start picking them off one by one, interrupting a dysfunctional family evening. To say more would be to risk spoiler territory.

I enjoyed watching this dysfunctional family interacting, before and after their nightmare begins. There was some witty dialogue. I liked the balance of humor and horror in this film. The gore was tolerable (I closed my eyes and shrieked a few times, much to the annoyance of my daughters and amusement of my husband) and somewhat imaginative (I’ll just say “blender” and leave it at that). The actors were all unknown to me and did an adequate job. The plot twists were fun and kept me guessing. We could root for someone who wasn’t a helpless idiot. The reveal was satisfying to all of us. I was surprised at how much we all enjoyed this film.

I was glad to learn that this low budget film ($1 million) had a good return at the box-office ($25 million) and garnered positive reviews. I look forward to seeing more from director Adam Wingard and writer/producer Simon Barrett.

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