Gravity Falls: TV for Mothers and Daughters



I find it difficult to relate to many of the shows that my kids watch on the Disney channel but then I discovered the joy of Gravity Falls. I was aware of my daughters’ (ages 13 and 11) excitement every time they caught a new episode. I liked the catchy theme music and enjoyed hear my kids laughter. But it wasn’t until I noticed that the A.V. club started posting weekly online reviews that I really took notice.

This animated TV show is so sweet, silly and satirical that we now watch it as a family. Yes, even my husband has joined the fun.



Gravity Falls is the name of a town where strange creatures and phenomenon gather. Mabel and Dipper Pines are 12-year-old twins visiting their seemingly oblivious Great Uncle (Grunkle Stan) for the summer. He runs a tacky tourist trap gift shop in Gravity Falls (the punny name still slays me) called the Mystery Shack. Mabel is boy crazy and whimsical. Dipper has investigative curiosity and gravitas as he pines for 15 year old Wendy. It isn’t long before the twins are knee deep in mystery and adventure. With the help of Souss and Wendy, both who work at the Mystery Shack, things usually end well. Together they come up against monsters of the lake and woods, gnomes, mer-folk (named Mermando). It is kinda like X-files meets the Simpsons with added kindness.


The stories are well-written, fast-paced, zinger-laden silly fun rather than truly scary. There are pop-culture references that you may or may not get depending on your age. There is no loss in enjoyment if they fly over your head. The episodes are self-contained and can be watch in any order. The humour, distinct characterization and self-awareness keep us coming back for more. Oh, and the awesome theme song is just so catchy. If you are looking for something on TV that you can enjoy with your kids, give Gravity Falls a try.




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