Big Hero 6: a Review



I have just watched this animated Disney movie with my family in a theatre packed with kids and walked away with a smile on my face. This superhero film is one that the whole family can enjoy.

It is an origin story, as most of the best films of this genre tend to be. We are introduced to diverse members of this team, through the eyes of it youngest member and boy genius, Hiro. Even a brief plot summary risks spoiler territory, so I will have to be pretty vague. Hiro, a high school graduate at the tender age of 13, chooses to use his skills to hustle lucrative robot battles (a la BattleBots). His older brother Tadashi spends his time at university in a “nerd lab” working on his own robotics experiments when he is not looking out for his brother. Then tragedy strikes. Before you know it, Hero and his friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go, Fred and loveable inflatable robot Baymax, use their collective genius to create a high-tech team of superheroes in attempt to defeat a nefarious villain and right a wrong.


Ok ok there is really nothing earth shattering about the plot of this film. It is perfectly servicable for this genre. The reason to see it is that it is fun! There are tons of jokes, visual and dialogue based. The animation is spectacular! The action sequences involve a tolerable amount of vehicular chases and robot fighting and plenty of exhilarating flight sequences. The characters’ facial expressions are superbly rendered. This film takes the audience on an emotional journey of love, loss as well as envy/ greed/bitter rivalry and thirst for vengeance.

I really enjoy the group’s racial diversity and different personalities. There are no damsels in distress. Granted, other than the main character, Hiro, the other human characters in this film are not fleshed out. There are other flaws in this film that are easy to overlook because of the humour and beauty make it easy to forgive.

If you like Disney animation and superheroes, this film is for you. It is not in the same league as Pixar’s The Incredibles but so few films are. It is a testament to this film that my youngest daughter, who avoids most superhero films, thought this one was great. I think most of the audience in the movie theatre did too.

This film is based on a Marvel comic book and I was pleased to say that I was the only family member to spot Stan Lee’s initial animated cameo. Stick it out through the credits to see his longer cameo in a short sequence.


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