Last Man on Earth: TV for mothers and daughters


I was looking for a comedy to enjoy with the kids and stumbled upon the first season of this 1/2 hour Fox TV show. It is available with a new steaming service, shomi, that is bundled with my cable package. So with neither commercials nor a laugh track and some warm buzz from a few of my reliable entertainment sources, I thought I would give it a try. So glad I did. This show is currently on hiatus in the middle of its 2nd season. After binge-watching to get caught up, our wait for its return on March 6th, 2016 is excruciating. So my daughters and I are rewatching it with my husband.  The second time round is even better with his boisterous laugh joining ours.

This is a dark comedy set in the near future (2022) after the world’s population has been wiped out by a virus. The logistics of this tragedy is not dwelled upon. There are no bodies piled up. Rather, the world is a lonely place for Phil Miller (portrayed by Will Forte, also creator of this show) as he laments his solitude. Because he has spray painted billboards with “ALIVE in TUSCON” a few remaining survivors join him and hilarity ensues.

This show has an ensemble of distinct and quirky characters. Each member is a unique combination of sweetness and wacky. The cast includes January Jones in a surprisingly effective turn as Melissa in a traditional “straight man” role. Kristen Schaal is absolutely brilliant as eccentric misinformed grammar-nerd Carol. Will Forte plays Phil Miller as jerk looking for redemption. His character, although funny, can be almost be cringingly painful to watch. I think this show is a brilliant mix of funny dialogue and physical gags. The joke density is such that I caught things that I missed while watching it the 2nd time. There is no multi-tasking while we watch this; it brings our family together for some great shared belly laughs.

I am the first to admit that humour is so very subjective. But if you think you share a similar sense of humour as me and have enjoyed other comedies that I have reviewed,  you may want to check the first episode out at the link below.


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