Romantic TV Comedies


Is it just a coincidence that I am writing about this topic on the eve of  Valentine’s Day? Probably not, I can’t stand greeting card holidays. So maybe that is why I enjoyed binge watching 3 TV comedies about damaged people navigating the waters of love and life. All 3 of these shows have been buzzed about on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast so I thought I would check them out. So glad I did that I thought I would share.

Catastrophe first aired on British TV and I was delighted to find all the episodes (2 short seasons, total of 12 episodes) available for binge-watching on shomi here in Canada (Amazon Prime in the US, but season 2  won’t stream until April 2016). This show takes place in London and revolves around a couple in their early 40’s. She is an Irish school teacher; he is American ad executive. After a brief fling, while he is in town on business, she discovers that she is pregnant. With no external pressure, he decides to relocate and give it a go for the long term. So we get to see this couple, who barely know each other in a sober state, [she is listed in his contacts as Sharon – London(sex)] figure out their relationship as they go through the various stages of pregnancy. The show is created and written by the lead actors Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney and it is whip smart. The acting is superb, the banter is witty, the jokes are funny, starting with the title and building from there. Both lead characters have issues, mostly involving potty mouths, alcohol and obnoxious family members (Carrie Fisher is fabulous as Rob’s mom), resulting in many bumps along the way consequently making them very relatable. This is my kind of romantic comedy but I should warn you, this is strictly for adults and the video below is NSFW.



YOU'RE THE WORST -- KEY ARTYou’re the Worst is another adult-oriented comedy, airing on FX Canada (FXX in the USA), about a couple in a relationship. I hesitate to call it romantic, but it has a sweet side that occasionally melts through the cold cynicism. Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) are 2 caustic people who recognize and appreciate each other’s toxicity. This bond leads them to a pretty dysfunctional but at times funny relationship. Their few friends are screwed up in different ways and this adds to the humour. This show has aired 2 seasons, with a total of 23 episodes and does a good job as a character study. We learn why these 2 are the way they are and it is quite moving. It is also a TV show that is not afraid to portray mental illness, specifically depression, realistically. We see how depression affects those who suffer with it and its effect on those around them. I think it is a brave choice for a comedy. I should place another warning about the embedded video below, definitely NSFW.




Speaking of brave choices, don’t let the title of the last show dissuade you. Crazy Exgirlfriend is aware of how demeaning the title is and addresses it in the opening theme.

This show is a satire on romance and modern living that occasionally breaks out remarkably catchy song and dance numbers. If you like comedic musical theatre, this is definitely worth a look. The show is created and written by the star of the show Rachel Bloom. She plays Rebecca Bunch, a “successful” but unhappy lawyer, who suddenly quits her job in NYC and moves to California to live closer to the object of her affection. Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) is a nice guy who dumped her 10 years ago after a summer fling. Rachel clearly has her issues, but no more so than the cast of colourful characters who surround her. They also match her talent for song, dance and humorous quips. There are so many great songs (usually 3 per 45 min episode) in this show it is hard to believe it is only 11 episodes into the 1st season (18 episodes to air in total) on the CW (Global in Canada is streaming all episodes on its mobile app).

Also NSFW are the following videos which showcase some of my favourite songs so far.

Sexy Getting Ready Song


Sex With a Stranger


Feeling Kinda Naughty


I Give Good Parent


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