A Couple of TV Comedies by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

It has been a while since I have blogged. Summer was a busy time, but I am back with lots to write about. I watched a number of enjoyable TV shows. Here is the first lot that I wanted to share. Both are comedies written by a talented woman whose work is new to me. If you have a dark but quirky sense of humour, like short British series and are not offended by swearing or nudity, you might want to check these shows out. Warning, the trailers are NSFW.



This UK comedy is available on Netflix in Canada. 6 episodes, each less than ½ hour. It is just perfect for binge-watching in one evening after a long work week has left one good for nothing else (Not that THAT ever happens). OMG, what a way to lift my mood, this show had me laughing out loud like a fool. It is written by and stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whom I now just absolutely adore! I had seen her previously as a supporting character in Broadchurch’s disappointing 2nd season and she made no impression at the time. She is a remarkable comedy writer and a tremendous actor. Crashing is an ensemble comedy set in a decommissioned hospital. The inhabitants are property guardians, which is a real thing that I had never heard of before. In an attempt to prevent squatters, the property guardians are lured, with low rent, to live in and maintain the abandoned hospital. This brings together a colourful group of characters and hilarity ensues. This show is about being a young adult, figuring out your life’s direction and who you want to share it with. To say more would spoil the fun. I enjoyed it so much I watched it again with my husband (over 2 evenings this time) and was thrilled to hear his belly laughs. This show is a rapid-fire of one-line zingers and exquisite physical comedy. The supporting cast is a delightful mix of actors. Some of them are familiar to me. What a treat it was to see them again (Jonathan Bailey Olly from Broadchurch and Damien Molony, Vampire Hal from Being Human -UK).




Unfortunately this comedy is not readily available in Canada, yet. It is available in the USA on Amazon’s streaming service. I managed to catch it in my travels and was blown away. This is the 2nd TV series launched in 2016 that is written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Based on her award winning play, this TV show is a character study that is much darker than Crashing. It is funny, charming and an exquisite showcase for this woman’s remarkable talent. Her facial expressions alone flash a series of emotions so quickly, I am almost afraid to blink. Her writing is as brilliant as her physical screen presence. Fleabag is the nickname of the main character, who is a millennial struggling to find her way in the world after a (mini-spoiler alert) tragedy. This show deals with dysfunctional families, sisters, feminism, human frailty, friendship, loss and love. The main character breaks the forth wall throughout the show, a risky move that really works. Another risk is the interjection of poignant flashbacks. Phoebe Waller-Bridge weaves a haunting portrayal of a young woman’s life. That it is also a comedy is a genuine marvel. Her supporting cast is a delight. Olivia Colman, playing Fleabag’s father’s wife, is a treat to see in a role diverging from her serious ones (Broadchurch, The Night Manager). I hope it comes to Canadian Netflix soon. Because at 6 episodes, each less than ½ hour, it is a perfect show to binge-watch. Another enjoyable evening was spent unwinding with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Thanks go to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast for introducing me to this show (which also led me to find Crashing) and a wonderful young talent.

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