Thor: Ragnarok: a review

I knew that I would be seeing this latest entry to the Marvel Universe on opening weekend when I learned that Taika Waititi was directing it. The only unknown was whether my youngest daughter would join us. Going to the theatre is always more fun with the whole family. Since she only likes super hero films that are very funny, it didn’t take much effort to convince her to come, with all the positive buzz out there. Nana joined us too and we all had a good time.

I should preface by mentioning that I saw the 1st Thor movie at the theatre back in 2011 and thought it was ho-hum. It was certainly not entertaining enough to see the first sequel, at all. My husband was of a different opinion and told me that Thor: The Dark World was just as good as the original. I did not consider this a resounding endorsement. But because I love Waititi’s previous films (especially the vampires of New Zealand mockumentary What We do in the Shadows) I knew I had to see the 3rd film in this series, Thor: Ragnarok. So I decided to dust off our copy of Thor: The Dark World, just to be up to date. I needn’t have bothered. That film truly was comparable to the first Thor film and not required to enjoy this 3rd instalment.

The plot of Thor: Ragnarok is as ridiculous as one would expect. What makes this film special (other than a brief glimpse of Chris Hemsworth’s abs) are the jokes. It is packed with physical comedy as well as humorous dialogue. I also appreciated that they did not feel compelled to shoehorn a romantic subplot into the story.

Cate Blanchett’s Hela is terrifically villainous as she tries to take over Thor’s home world, Asgard. The rest of the supporting cast is simply an abundance of talent. Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston return as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Loki respectively. Karl Urban is a delightful new addition to Asgard as Skurge. But a special shout out goes to Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, a kick-ass Asgardian in exile who reluctantly joins forces with Thor and friends to help save her people.

The CGI effects are pretty good and the fight sequences are entertaining enough without dragging too long. For a 2h10min run time, this film seemed well paced. Which is good, because if you sit through to the end of the credits you will see 2 brief scenes buried within.

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