I enjoy talking about  TV and movies with my friends.  I often get asked for recommendations.  I am responsible for getting many of my friends hooked on TV series that I think would suit their tastes.  I consider it a calling of sorts.  So, I thought I would start a blog that  answers the question “What is Ann watching?”

I am a Gen Xer movie buff and TV lover with a day job and a family that includes a husband and 2 daughters (ages 14 and 16 years).  My faves are Film Noir and almost anything dealing with dysfunctional families.  I also have a soft spot for Jane Austen and the Bronte’s.  I enjoy scripted TV dramas that are peppered with humour.  I have a severe allergy to laugh tracks and non-scripted (so called reality) TV.  If it involves a contest or sporting event, I take a pass on it.

I write this for fun and my appologies in advance for the sporadic output. Sometimes the world beyond the screen in front of me slows me down. Please leave a comment; I am keen to learn your thoughts, regardless of whether you agree, disagree or are just curious.

Check out the music I love at my other blog What is Ann Listening To?

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